HALDI was one of the three chief deities of Urartu (corresponding to the biblical Kingdom of Ararat (Armenia)).
Of all the gods of the Urartian pantheon, the most inscriptions are dedicated to Haldi. He was portrayed as a man with or without wings, standing on a lion (www.wikipedia.org).
Republic of Armenia has a rich and huge history of architecture and construction too. The proofs for it are historical structures: such as churches, the temple, cross-stones and the capital city Yerevan (before it was called Erebuni) which was founded by Urartian King Argishti I in 782 BC. Also a lot of paths and cobblestone pavement roads were constructed by the kings of Armenia, especially by Tigran the Great (95-55 BC).
Those, who were in Armenia will confirm the existence of the ancient and rich Armenian architecture and construction (Road Network, buildings and etc.), and HALDI Consult, with great pleasure, will introduce Armenia to those who will make their first visit to Armenia.